Liverpool F.C. retained list

April 25, 1957
Three players for transfer
Liverpool F.C. have retained 29 full and part-time professionals for next seasons, putting only three on the transfer list. The players retained are: –

Goalkeepers. – Tommy Younger, Doug Rudham.
Full backs. – Gerry Byrne, Tom McNulty, John Molyneux, Ronnie Moran, John Parry.
Half-backs. – Keith Burkinshaw, Don Campbell, Bobby Campbell, Laurie Hughes, John Nicholson, Roy Saunders, Geoff Twentyman, Johnny Wheeler, Dick White, Barry Wilkinson.
Forwards. – Alan A’Court, Alan Arnell, Louis Bimpson, Joe Dickson, John Evans, Brian Jackson, David Kerr, Billy Liddell, Frank Lockey, Jimmy Melia, Tony Rowley, Barry Wheatley.

Parry, Nicholson and Wheatley are part-time players, while Melia and Bobby Campbell are in the Forces.

Anderson for transfer
The three players on the open-to-transfer list are Eric Anderson, John Arkwright and Con Phillips.

Anderson, a native of Manchester, was signed in January, 1952, on demobilisation from the Forces. He had no previous professional experience but has earned a reputation in Army football. He as played in 73 League matches, scoring 22 goals, but has been unfortunate with injuries during recent seasons.

Eric Anderson.

Arkwright, a reserve goalkeeper, also joined the club direct from the Forces, signing in September, 1954. He formerly played for St. Helens, to which town he belongs.

Phillips, a former Liverpool schoolboy player and outside right, joined the Liverpool ground staff on leaving school, and became a professional two years ago.

Anderson is the only one of the three with first team experience.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 25, 1957)

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