Promotions for Phil Taylor and Bob Paisley

April 30, 1957
At their weekly board meeting last night Liverpool F.C. directors appointed Mr. Phil Taylor as manager. Hitherto he has been acting-manager only.

It is a year this month since Mr. Taylor took over the “acting” role in succession to Mr. Don Welsh. The club has had ample time to judge his capabilities, and it is evidence of their estimation that they have now confirmed him in the full position.

My own regard for Phil Taylor is high. He may not “throw his weight about” as some managers do, or raise his voice when expressing his opinions, but for solid worth, ability to judge football and footballers, and qualities which are more valuable in the long run than those of the “go-getters,” he ranks with the Liverpool best.

I am sure all Liverpool’s followers will join me in wishing him a long and successful managerial reign. With a bit more luck his first year’s apprenticeship might have seen Liverpool back in the First Division. Let us hope his inaugural year in the full position will see that ambition realised – and that the board will give him as free a hand as possible to put his ideas into operation.

Bob Paisley’s new job
While Mr. Taylor has been acting manager the club did not fill the coaching position which he formerly occupied.

They have now appointed Bob Paisley, at present second team trainer, as chief coach. He will take up the duties when the players report for training for next season.

There was a big difference in the styles of play of Phil Taylor and Bob Paisley, the one stylish and thoughtful, the other rugged and determined. If they work in double harness in such a way as to bring the best out of the player in the same directions Liverpool should benefit considerably. Here’s wishing both of them the best of luck.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 1, 1957)

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