Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1957

July 5, 1957
Light on the Anfield venture
New policy outlined
Optimism for season 1957-58 was the keynote of the 65th Annual General meeting of Liverpool Football Club, at the Chamber of Commerce, yesterday evening. Chairman Thomas Valentine Williams (T.V. Williams) stressed that the board is aware of certain playing positions being in need of strengthening and duplication, and stated that every effort is being made to remedy such deficiencies, without the club being stampeded into paying fancy prices.

Manager Phil Taylor affirmed his confidence in the team’s ability to do well in the coming term.

Such sentiments have been heard before and the shareholders present showed greater interest in the progress of the floodlighting system which is to be installed.

Directors Harold Cartwright and Richard Lawson Martindale, members of the Ground Committee, outlined the policy concerning this innovation. Mr. Cartwright stated that “What six months ago was only a dream is now becoming a reality.”

Floodlights had already proved their worth at the practice ground, said Mr. Martindale, who pointed out that the club hoped to increase their revenue by being able to start all Saturday matches around 3:15 instead of having to bring the kick-off time forward in the winter months.

Mr. Williams emphasised that the money needed for the installation of the lights would not be forthcoming at the expense of any effort to secure additional playing strength.

If increased revenue proved insufficient to cover the cost – which Mr. Williams would not divulge – certain members of the board had guaranteed the required amount.

Normal admission prices will apply to floodlit games.

Pillars of concrete
The lights, which will be erected on concrete pillars instead of the customary steel, are expected to be in operation by mid-October, with an absolute minimum of interference to the viewing of the spectators.

Mr. Taylor pointed out the difficulties experienced in the transfer market, but referred to the promise of some of the youngsters who had attended the summer coaching course.

Vice-chairman Herbert Robson Roberts, presenting the balance sheet for the year ending May 6, referred to the early exit from the FA Cup as being the prime cause of the drop in gate receipts. A loss of £4,425 was reported.

The retiring directors, Messrs. Richard Lawson Martindale, Harold Cartwright and George Alfred Richards J.P. were re-elected. Messrs. W.H. Bodley, E. Kinsey and S.C. Saltmarsh withdrawing their nominations.

Mr. T.V. Williams and Mr. Herbert Robson Roberts have been re-elected to their respective posts as chairman and vice-chairman.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 6, 1957; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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