Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool 2-1 (FA Cup: March 1, 1958)

March 1, 1958
Key note: “After Liverpool’s defence had put up a magnificent fight against a Blackburn side which had enjoyed nearly all the play, Rovers hit two late goals in three minutes to go ahead after Liverpool had led through Murdoch in 19 minutes. Liverpool’s rearguard put up a wonderful show. Had there been an even remotely comparable show of form from the attack the story might have been very different. Liverpool were handicapped by an injury to Harrower, who was little more than a passenger in the second half.” (Liverpool Echo: March 1, 1958)

Match: FA Cup, Sixth Round, at Ewood Park, kick-off: 15:00.
Blackburn Rovers – Liverpool 2-1 (0-1).
Attendance: 51,000; gate receipt: £7,688.
Referee: Mr. A.W. Luty; linesmen: Messrs: J.E. Meade and P.H. Carr..
Blackburn Rovers (2-3-5): Harry Leyland, Ken Taylor, Bill Eckersley, Ron Clayton, Matt Woods, Mick McGrath, Bryan Douglas, Roy Vernon, Peter Dobing, Roy Stephenson, Ally MacLeod.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Tommy Younger, John Molyneux, Ronnie Moran, Johnny Wheeler, Dick White, Geoff Twentyman, Brian Jackson, Bobby Murdoch, Billy Liddell, Jimmy Harrower, Alan A’Court.
The goals: 0-1 Murdoch (19 min., assist: Jackson), 1-1 Clayton (78 min.), 2-1 Macleod (81 min.).

Liverpool Echo: March 1, 1958.

Liverpool, back left to right: Johnny Wheeler, Dick White, John Molyneux, Tommy Younger, Ronnie Moran, Don Campbell. Front row: Tony McNamara, Tony Rowley, Billy Liddell, Jimmy Melia, Alan A’Court. Insert: Geoff Twentyman, Louis Bimpson, Jimmy Harrower, Bobby Murdoch.

Blackburn Rovers, back left to right: Bill Eckersley, Ken Clayton, Matt Woods, Harry Leyland, Tommy Briggs, Bill Smith, Ken Taylor. Front row: Bryan Douglas, Peter Dobing, Ron Clayton, Mick McGrath, Ally Macleod. Insert: Roy Vernon, Roy Stephenson.

Liverpool Echo: March 3, 1958.


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