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“A solid man who begs no man’s pardon. He knocks people down like an auctioneer disposing of goods and chattels. Loves work, and revels in it. He is slow but sure, and so intent on the play that he has never been known to smile during its progress. Today’s responsibility had made him even more austere; but it sits lightly on his broad shoulders. His opponents and not he will be the first to feel its weight. He got his first cap against Ireland last year, and his first against England this. The League has suspended him, but as he weighs 12 ½ stones, and stands 5ft. 8in., he has not lost his grip of good Mother Earth.”
(Source: Glasgow Evening Post: April 4, 1891)

Born: June 4, 1868: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Passed away: September 30, 1958: Edinburgh, Scotland.

Position: Right half.

Height: (5ft. 8in.);
Weight: (12st. 0½lb.).
* Source for height and weight: Glasgow Evening Post: April 4, 1891.

Dalry Albert.
Heart of Midlothian: 1888.
Leith Athletic: Signed: August 14, 1900.
Bathgate. Signed: January 25, 1902.
Falkirk: Signed: November 17, 1902.

Scotland A 4-0: (v. Ireland: March 29, 1890; v. England: April 4, 1891; v. Wales: March 26, 1892; v. England: April 7, 1894).
Scotland A Trial 6-0: (March 1, 1890; March 7, 1891; v. Corinthians: March 21, 1891; March 5, 1892; March 3, 1894; March 2, 1895).
Edinburgh Select XI 8-0 (v. Lancashire: December 1, 1888; v. Glasgow: February 22, 1890; v. Glasgow: November 15, 1890; v. Glasgow: November 14, 1891; v. Renfrewshire: February 20, 1892; v. Glasgow: October 22, 1892; v. Lanarkshire: December 3, 1892; v. Glasgow: March 21, 1893).
Scottish League XI 3-0: (v. English League: April 8, 1893; v. Irish League: January 27, 1894; v. English League: April 21, 1894).
Scottish Football League Winner: 1894-95 (Hearts).
Scottish FA Cup Winner: 1890-91 (Hearts); 1895-96 (Hearts).

Isaac Begbie (Dundee Evening Telegraph: April 21, 1894).


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