The death of Jack Lipsham

December 13, 1958
The death of Mr. John Reginald Lipsham (Jack Lipsham), of 59 Whitechurch Road, occurred on Saturday at the age of 77. Mr. Lipsham was secretary of Chester Steam Laundry from 1926 until his retirement in 1952. He was also secretary of the Chester Cocoa House Company.

He was one of seven brothers who were well known in football circles, the most famous of these being Bert Lipsham who played for Sheffield United and England.

Mr. Lipsham, himself, played for Liverpool, Chester, Wrexham, Millwall and Crewe in the years preceding World War 1.

He had a number of Welsh and Cheshire Senior Cup Winner’s medals. He had lived in Whitechurch Road since 1923.

The funeral took place on Wednesday (December 17, 1958), when a service at St. James’s Church, Christleton, was conducted by Rev. A.A. Guest-Williams.

The chief mourners were: The Widow Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Lipsham (son and daughter-inlaw), Mr. F. Williams (brother-in-law) Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Nicholson, Mrs. B. Warrington, Mrs. R. Williams, Mrs. M. Langley, Mr. and Mrs. L. Lloyd, Mrs. E. Morton (nephews and nieces).

Other present included: Messrs. R.A. Smethurst (rep the directors of Chester Steam Laundry), J.R. Hignett, P. Hunt, P. Woodhead (also rep Joseph Watkin Ltd), E. Tremlett, E. Brown, H.J. Martin, W.A. Redfearn of Eaton Estate (also rep Mr. Johnson), W.F. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. F. Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. C. Davies, Mesdames F. Thomason, M. Jones (Smithfield Café), E. Evans, Misses I. Owen (rep staff of Chester Staff Laundry), D. Brown.

Floral tributes were received from: His sorrowing wife. Till: John and Janet: Grandchildren Gillian and Helen; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lloyd; Carrie: Directors. Chester Cocoa House Ltd.; Mrs. Jones (Market) and Mrs. Evans; Ida and Jim Walker; Ed, Ron and Mrs. Thomas; Fred and children (Hoot Lane); Mr. and Mrs. Chris Davies; Management and staff, Chester Steam Laundry Co. Ltd.; Works employees, Chester Steam Laundry; Helen, Syd, Michael and Brian; Arthur and Millie; Marian, Brian and family; Nell, Ern and family; Roberta, George and Pauline; Lilly, Dolly, Gladys and Eric; Elsie, Les and Susan; Frank, Dorothy and Bettie; M.A. Jones and staff (Smithfield); Miss Taylor and Miss Owen; Mr. E. Brown and Miss D.M. Brown; Will and Wyn.

The undertakers were Messrs. W.H. Hallmark and Son.
(Source: Cheshire Observer: December 20, 1958)

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