Albert Shelley joins the back-room boys

December 30, 1958
Old soldiers never die they simply fade away. For soldiers read servant and you have something applicable to soccer with old servants and old players relegated gently, but firmly, to the limbo and not always anything more tangible than a line or two in the newspapers to mark the close of their careers.

At Everton, they have in the back back-room Harry Cook, that guide and counselor of Everton players for so many years. At Anfield the incoming of the Third Lanark coach, Reuben Bennett, news of whose acquisition came on Christmas morning, means that Albert Shelley, Liverpool first team trainer since the days of the late George Kay, takes a back-room boy’s job looking after kit and stores &c., to complete a long, loyal, active career with the club.

Albert Shelley.

Shelley, like George Kay, from Southampton was one of the toughest, most durable players of his time – a Wilf Copping in advance of that Arsenal go-getter. In Liverpool’s several Cup tilts against Southampton in the between-Wars years Shelley was always an affliction on Liverpool hopes.

His long period as trainer at Anfield has proved his loyalty; his expertise at reading a game (and players!) and his ability to mend all injuries. I wish this forthright, straight-shooting character nothing but joy and contentment in his semi-retirement.

Bob Paisley’s translation to first-team trainer will be a popular one. He had done as good job off-field as he did when a player. The team’s promotion would please him as much as it would guvnor Phil Taylor.

Bob Paisley.

The new Liverpool coach is a former P.T. Sergeant Major.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: December 30, 1958)

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