Billy Liddell: The Anfield pitch will be in good trim

May 30, 1959
Generally in the close season, professional footballers keep as far away from their grounds as possible, but that does not mean that there is no activity. The groundsmen are in full command preparing the way for the season which is just around the corner. If you walked into Anfield at present and saw the turf, you would start wondering how the pitch could be so picturesque in August.

Although the weather has been wonderful for holiday-makers, it means that the people who look after our grounds have got extra work to do.

When there is a nice mixture of rain and sunshine, there is very little need to use the hosepipe and the groundsmen’s task is lightened.

There are still some bare patches through the centre of the Anfield pitch, but with the expert attention of Albert Riley and his staff they will soon be green.

With the extension of the season, and then the extra game thrown in, it has meant less time to prepare than usual, but it will be perfect when the season comes. And that goes for the surroundings as well.

Full swing
Painting is in full swing on the Kemlyn Road stand and Anfield Road end, so that everything should be spick and span right throughout the ground.

If the team can give performances to match the standard of the ground then the supporters will be satisfied.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 30, 1959)

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