Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1958-59

June 10, 1959
Liverpool F.C. report a slight drop in profit last year in their balance-sheet and annual report published to-day. The figure was £3,178 compared with £3,911 the previous year, although the total credit on the profit and loss account is now £62,293 as against £59,149 twelve months ago. Income dropped in the year from £141,937 to £122,217, mainly due to a fall in gate receipts both home and away from the previous season.

Broken down, the figures are at home gate receipts last year brought £109,737 compared with £125,198; away receipts were £10,506 (£15,645), but from the F.A. Cup pool the income was £1,973, almost £900 more than the previous season. Transfer fees, after both sales and purchases are taken into account, brought an income of £2,175, whereas transfers in the previous year were £9,275 on the expenditure side.

Liverpool, like Everton, are a financial boon to visiting clubs. They paid out £18,019 (£21,423) as share of gates, which must be the highest in the Second Division. One interesting figure on the income side is that of £587 from the Football League for staging the inter-League game against the League of Ireland early in the season while Youth Cup games netted £211 compared with only £27 twelve months ago.

Wages are up
Players’ wages and bonuses rose in the year from £27,380 to £29,952, and travelling expenses were up by over £1,000 from £10,338 to £11,351. There was also an increase in training expenses and trainers’ wages by nearly a thousand pounds, from £3,285 to £4,113. Other expenditure was very similar in comparing the two seasons.

Ground expenses and groundsmen’s wages were £6,706 (£6,151), and it is interesting to see that the club’s Spanish tour last close season meant a loss of £237. The directors also propose allocating £600 for a tax-free dividend of 5 per cent.

The annual meeting is on July 3, when the directors retiring on rotation: Messrs. Herbert Robson Roberts (vice-chairman), Harry Latham and Tom Parker – are eligible and offer themselves for re-election. I understand the board, as at Everton, is supporting the re-election. Nominations have been received from Mr. W.H. Bodley and S.C. Saltmarsh.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 10, 1959)

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