Liverpool’s system of selection is as before

August 7, 1959
Despite what you read to the contrary, the system of team selection at Anfield is as it was. A season ago Phil Taylor and his aides conferred and then the manager submitted to the sub-committee of directors the team of his choice. It was seldom changed. Now, with Albert Shelley in semi-retirement, Bob Paisley as first team trainer and Reuben Bennett as coach, the system is unchanged, except that the new coach takes the place of the old one. It was emphasised to me to-day that the Board have never made any decision altering their system of team selection, so that to say otherwise is completely wrong.

Phil Taylor

Manager Taylor will be missing from Anfield for a few days and is, I understand, in Scotland, but fans must not anticipate he has gone there on any other mission than an explanatory one. No doubt he will be seeing matches in Glasgow and Edinburgh over the week-end, but he has no mandate.

The centre-forward position at Anfield with Billy Liddell, Louis Bimpson and Alan Arnell the men fighting for the first-team place, is as before; many fans, much as they admire the effort of these players, will feel a little aggrieved that none is forthcoming to strengthen the side where it most needs strengthening – in the attack.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 7, 1959 – by Leslie Edwards)

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