Liverpool Reserves v West Bromwich Albion Reserves 2-3 (League match: January 2, 1960)

January 2, 1960
Match: Central League, at Anfield.
Liverpool Reserves – West Bromwich Reserves 2-3 (1-1).
Referee: Mr. D.W.G. Brady.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Doug Rudham, Allan Jones, Gerry Byrne, Barry Wilkinson, John Nicholson, Geoff Twentyman, Fred Morris, Stan Woodall, Billy Liddell, Willie Carlin, Johnny Morrissey.
West Bromwich (2-3-5): Ray Potter, Bobby Cram, Stuart Williams, John Carvin, Brian Wood, Archie Styles, Bobby Dixon, Andy Aitken, Jack Lovatt, Keith Smith, Jack Gaskell.
The goals: 0-1 Aitken (12 min.), 1-1 Morrissey (44 min., assist: Carlin).
** Missing second halves goals.

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