Tommy Smith on the ground staff

May 13, 1960
Football dies hard. There are to-morrow one of two games locally, and at every League office in the country there is great planning for season 1960-61. Liverpool, who have taken to their ground staff the young Liverpool schoolboys’ centre forward Tommy Smith, have also scoured the country for other up-and.coming types and have at this moment youngsters from South Wales, Scotland (three from the Dundee area), Dublin and Liverpool on trial with the club at their Melwood ground. Tom Bush, who has always coached the junior sides, is to advertise in North Wales, so that any youngster who feels he has a future in professional soccer should come to Melwood and demonstrate his skill.

In the senior field, Mr. Bill Shankly has laid plans for the players he wants, but there is no likelihood for the moment of any action. As a man who lives, and loves, the game and one who never seems to tire of watching football if he feels he may strike some worth-while prospect the Liverpool manager’s summer will be a busy and a profitable one.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 13, 1960; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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