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About James Bradley:
“Bradley possesses a splendid idea of the requirements of a successful half back, and the forwards in front of him cannot complain of accurate attention. He believes in keeping the ball on the turf, and his clever tackling is only equaled by the skillful manner in which he places to his own front rank.”
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: February 8, 1908).

“He is the sort of player to operate behind speedy artists like John Cox and Sam Raybould, and the fine form shown by the Liverpool left-wing this season is due to the admirable nursing which the Staffordshire man adopts. He possesses the happy knack of drawing the opposition, and giving his forwards every opportunity. Seldom is it that he places awkwardly to the men in front of him; a deft touch along the turf is his manner of sending the ball forward. Needless to state the excellent quality of his football has already installed him a favourite with the Liverpool public.” (Source: Athletic News: November 6, 1905)

Born: June 25, 1877: Goldenhill (Staffordshire), England.
* Most sources have his birth date as: September 20, 1877: in Goldenhill (Staffordshire). In an article about him in the Athletic News for November 6, 1905 is states he was born on June 25, 1877 in Goldenhill. I have gone with the article for my records.
Passed away: July 17, 1961: Kidsgrove (Staffordshire), in England.
** In the 1903 edition of “Men famous in football” it states he was born in Goldenhill in 1881.

Position: Left-half.

Height: 177 cm. (5ft. 9½in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 10lb.).

Stoke: Signed: 1898.
* Signed for Plymouth Argyle (outside Football League) in May 1905, but the FA cancelled the contract due to maximum wage offered by Stoke.
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: September 7, 1905;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: September 9, 1905.
* New registration, eligible for Liverpool: January 14, 1911.
Reading, 1911.
Stoke: 1913.
Goldenhill Wanderers: 1915.

Football League XI ?-? (v. Scottish League: March 26, 1906).
Football League First Division Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Sheriff of London Charity Shield Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Senior Cup Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).

Staffordshire Sentinel: January 6, 1900.
James Bradley 1900

Athletic News: March 31, 1902.
1902 James Bradley Stoke

Tamworth Herald: December 6, 1902.
James Bradley

Athletic News: December 11, 1905.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: October 3, 1908.
James Bradley 1908

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