Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1961-62

June 7, 1962
Promotion to the First Division brought Liverpool F.C. a profit of £13,416 last year, compared with a loss of £35,124 the previous season. This is revealed in the balance sheet, published to-day, which will be presented when the club holds its annual general meeting on June 29.

The financial success has been achieved despite an increase in players’ wages and bonuses, and the expenditure of £14,241 on ground repairs and renewals. Gate receipts for home game totalled £169,026 as against £121,189, while their share of receipts for away matches rose from £8,290 to £26,574 – a statistical testimony to their drawing power in their great season.

Players wages cost £35,595 last year, compared with £29,635, but the cost of transfer fees, less amounts received, dropped. In 1961, the figure was £45,330, in 1962 it was £38,950.

Travelling expenses also fell, from £13,199 to £11,494, and the only other major change on the expenditure side was the cost of ground repairs as against £1,810 the previous year.

The big average for home gates is shown in the fact that visiting clubs took a total of £28,232 away with them, compared with £22,497.

The credit balance of the club now stands at £38,466, while the fixed assets show that the freehold and leasehold land is valued at £25,953.

New and old stands, less depreciation, are quoted at £34,413, and property holdings at £27,513.

Three directors retire by rotation – Messrs. Harry Latham, Tom Parker and Eric Sawyer – and offer themselves for re-election.

Nominations for office have been received from Mr. W.H. Bodley and Mr. H.E. Roberts.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 7, 1962)

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