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“He is a fleet, tall young man, and stands nearly 6ft. in height. He is an adept at angling a ball or edging it on, and in front of goal he can be devastating, because he has a vast stride that can sweep through the opposition, his dummy swerve being of an upsetting character. His best form for Liverpool has been at centre forward, but one wonders whether he likes the heavy work due from centres or prefers to be a key man and schemer at inside right or inside left. He can take any of the three inside positions, and therefore in that respect alone he is worth more than the £1,000 paid by Plymouth. (Western Morning News: June 11, 1937)

Did you know?
“Vic Wright was a nephew of the famous Aston Villa and England International Charles Athersmith.”

Born: January 24, 1909: in Bloxwich, in England.
Passed away: March 4, 1964: Wednesbury, in England.

Position: Centre forward, or both inside forward positions.

Height: 5 ‘ 11 1/2.
Weight: 12 ‘ 9.

Bloxwich Strollers.
Bristol City, 1929.
Rotherham United.
Sheffield Wednesday.
Plymouth Argyle.
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: March 14, 1934.
** Transferred to Plymouth Argyle for £1,000.
Plymouth Argyle: Signed: June 11, 1937.
** Transferred to Chelmsford City.
Chelmsford City: Signed: June 28, 1938.
* War time guest, Millwall.
* War time guest, Crystal Palace, 1943.
* War time guest, Walsall.

Liverpool Echo: December 1, 1934.

Chelmsford Chronicle: August 19, 1938.
Vic Wright in the middle of those standing at the back row.
Chelmsford 1938

Birmingham Daily Gazette: January 20, 1939.



  1. He signed for Bristol City in Feb. 1929, Rotherham June 1929, Sheffield W. Oct. 1930 and Rotherham Feb. 1933. Rotherham 1929/30 33 games/12 goals, 1930/31 7/8, 1932/33 16/6 and 1933/34 32/12, total 88/38. Sheffield W. 1931/32 2/0. Liverpool 1933/34 7/2, 1934/35 36/19, 1935/36 25/6 and 1936/37 13/4, total 81/31. Plymouth 1937/38 18/7. Millwall guest Des. 1941, Crystal Palace Jan. 1943 & Walsall March 1944. Topscorer for Rotherham 1933/34. Nephew of Aston Villa, Birmingham & England player Charlie Athersmith.

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