Sidney Cecil Reakes: The team is ready for ten seasons

April 30, 1964
Vice-chairman, Mr. Sidney Cecil Reakes, feels that now the club have survived such a long and often stormy journey, they are entitled to look forward to some of the sunshine which warms the backs of teams which have proved themselves capable of holding their own not only here in Europe.

He says of the players: “They are first class. We couldn’t have bettet.”

Of Mr. Bill Shankly, for whom he has acted as chauffeur on many long motor trips, many of them in Scotland: “A magnificent judge of football and footballers and one who has instilled into all our players the team spirit without which little can be accomplished.”

Sidney Cecil Reakes one of the youngest directors on the Board, a keen cricketer and a man who fell in love with professional soccer after long enthusiasm for the Rugby Union code, became vice-chairman following the death of Mr. Herbert Robson Roberts.

Far and fast
His fast, safe driving has been of invaluable help to the club on occasions when they have had to move far and fast for the player of their choice. He feels that Liverpool can put Liverpool on the map in Europe just as Manchester United did in their great after-war seasons before the Munich crash denuded them of their finest players.

With such a young average age, the Liverpool team, he says, has been built not just for this season, but for ten seasons to come. The reserve talent available may not have cost the club a great deal monetarily, but it has been carefully chosen, carefully nurtured and must pay big dividends in the long run.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 30, 1964; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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