Why life at Anfield is so hectic

August 14, 1964
The fortnight before the start of the season is a pretty hectic time for any club, but in Liverpool’s case, this year, it is busier than ever. Their new Kemlyn Road stand – it is going to keep its old name despite the suggestions of fans who think it should be named after Billy Liddell – still has to be numbered; much work is going on under it and on the structural alterations on the office side of the ground.

Kemlyn Road stand 1964.

“Our staff are up to their necks in work,” said the club’s chairman, Mr. Thomas Valentine Williams. “They are working week-ends and the clerical commitment involved in ‘selling’ a new stand are so great that we have had to recruit extra staff to deal with the rush of applications.”

I asked Mr. Williams about rumours that there was too little leg rooms between the rows on the new stand. He said there had been some initial difficulty, but that following out the backs of the seats and slanting them back, rather than having them upright, had overcome it.

There will be four entrances, and these will obviate many of the old difficulties on that side of the ground.

It will be strange to see people seated right down to the touchlines on the side which used to boast its massed thousands on the terraces. The possibility of behind-goal spectators moving to the other end at the interval is now ruled out.

Just as well Liverpool’s first-team match is on the Wednesday after the season opens. They can use all the time available to get their new house in order for the visit of Nottingham Forest (and John Carey) a fortnight to-night.

Mr. Williams thinks Liverpool’s chances are very, very good this season, The players are all good friends together and have fine team spirit and he hopes to jeep things that way. The fact that so many of them have been honoured internationally should increase their confidence and performance, he believes. He has great hopes of young Gordon Wallace who could develop quickly into the outside-left for which his club are looking – maybe no big signing for that position will be necessary.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 14, 1964)

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