Liverpool v Arsenal 3-2 (League match)

Saturday, August 22 – 1964
Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:00.
Liverpool – Arsenal 3-2 (1-0).
Attendance: 47,620.
Referee: Mr. K. Howley.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Tommy Lawrence; Gerry Byrne, Ronnie Moran; Gordon Milne, Ron Yeats, Willie Stevenson; Ian Callaghan, Roger Hunt, Phil Chisnall, Gordon Wallace, Peter Thompson.
Arsenal (2-3-5): Jim Furnell; Don Howe, Billy McCulloch; John Snedden, Ian Ure, Peter Simpson; George Armstrong, Geoff Strong, Joe Baker, George Eastham, Terry Anderson.
The goals: 1-0 Hunt (12 min.), 2-0 Wallace (49 min.), 2-1 Strong, 2-2 Baker, 3-2 Wallace (87 min.).

Don Howe, Arsenal’s £45,000 right back, forgot style and elegance. He relied on old-fashioned – and sometimes illegal – methods in his bid to curb Peter Thompson, Liverpool’s flying left winger.

After the match, Howe – twenty-three caps for England – told me:
I didn’t like it, but to me it was necessary.
When you are up against a player as good as Thompson is, you can’t stand off him.
You can’t let him take the mickey. He’ll murder you.
He is a great winger. You’ve got to get in there at him. The crowds don’t seem to understand, but it is your job. You’ve got to do it.”

The Anfield Kop crowd were angered and outraged that someone as highly and rightly rated as Howe should use such tactics. They singled Howe out as a special target for boos.

From his unhappy second minute when he first sent Thompson crashing to his tormented eighty-ninth minute when he got into the path of a shot from inside left Gordon Wallace and turned the winning goal far out of Arsenal ‘keeper Jim Furnell’s reach.

Howe got only one cheer – after the final whistle when he wrapped a lean arm around Thompson and said: “No hard feelings.”

Thompson scissored the Arsenal defence open for Roger Hunt’s opening goal in the twelfth minute. Wallace made it two with a header.

Fighting Arsenal drew level with goals from Geoff Strong and Joe Baker. They deserved a point. It was tragic that Howe, the man who had suffered enough, was responsible for denying them it.
(Daily Mirror, 24-08-1964)

Liverpool Arsenal 1964 Anfield

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