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“He belongs to the vigerous school of full backs who take risks, and either gain fame or disappointment thereby. His performances this season have been of outstanding merit; the miskicks and headlong rushes have been substituted by accuracy of return, and watchful manoeuvres. We feel confident that the Liverpool club have secured a first class full back in Saul, whose faults will disappear as the conditions under which he plays improve. A more zealous and whole hearted performer could not be desired, and his very failings are the result, not of lack of ability, but of sheer determination to get at the ball, no matter how difficult or how remote possibility of doing so may be. We like to see this trait in a footballer; for there is more likelihood of the player toning down to the absolutely correct game when over zealous than there is of one developing from the plodding performer to the alert and dashing defender. Saul never knows when he is beaten; he is a regular terror for work, and one can excuse an occasional blunder when qualities of this sort are continually being demonstrated.”
(Joint Everton & Liverpool Programme: October 12, 1907)

Born: December, 1881; in Masbrough (Yorkshire), in England.
Passed away: January 31, 1965: in Bradford (Yorkshire), in England.
** On the 1911 Census Percy, aged 28, living with his wife, Alice, married for one year (no children); occupation: Professional footballer. Birthplace is written own as “Rotherham (Yorkshire); address is Coventry.

Percy Saul biography (1908)

Position: Right full back, but started his career as right half .

Height: 180 cm. (5ft. 11in.);
Weight: 82 kilos (12st. 12lb.).
** Source: Athletic News: December 30, 1907.

Thornhill United.
Gainsborough Trinity: Signed: May, 1901.
* 1901-02: 6-0 (Football League 2); 0-0 (FA Cup);
* 1902-03: 28-3 (Football League 2); 1-0 (FA Cup);
* 1903-04: 34-5 (Football League 2); 4-1 (FA Cup);
Plymouth Argyle: Signed: May, 1904.
* 1904-05: 23-0 (Southern League).
* 1905-06: 32-2 (Southern League).
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: April 30, 1906.
* eligible to play for Liverpool in official matches: August 16, 1906.
* 1906-07: 33-0 (Football League 1); 3-0 (FA Cup);
* 1907-08: 27-1 (Football League 1); 4-1 (FA Cup);
* 1908-09: 15-0 (Football League 1); 1-0 (FA Cup).
** Transferred to Coventry City.
Coventry City: Signed: July 10, 1909.
* 1909-10: 30-0 (Southern League).
* 1910-11: 29-0 (Football League 1); 3-0 (FA Cup);
** Transferred to Rotherham Town.
Rotherham Town: Signed: August 17, 1911.
Rotherham County: Signed: 1912.

Lincolnshire Cup Winner: 1903-04 (Gainsborough Trinity).
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1906-07 (Liverpool).

Athletic News: November 26, 1906.

Athletic News: January 21, 1907.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 30, 1907.
Percy Saul 1907

1911 Census, signature and address.
Signature Percy Saul

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