John Bryson Hunter (John Hunter and “Sailor” Hunter)

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About John “Sailor” Hunter:
“Very dashing, goes through the defence like a piston, and shoots a hard ball when the ground is good.”
(Source: Athletic News: April 25, 1910)

“Hunter is rightly admitted to be one of the cutest forwards playing to-day. He knows the game from A to Z, and if properly supported in the Shawfield team will yet get a fine crop of goals. Hunter excels in snapping chances near goal; he passes beautifully on the run, and is a past master as a ‘header.'”
(Source: Scottish Referee: December 5, 1910)

Born: April 6, 1878: Johnstone, in Scotland.
Passed away: January 12, 1966: Motherwell, in Scotland..

Position: Centre forward, but played in all forward positions.

Height: 168 cm. (5ft. 6in.);
Weight: 67 kilos (10st. 7lb.).

Westmarch XI.
Abercorn: Signed: January 13, 1898.
Liverpool: Signed: May 12, 1899.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: September 1, 1899.
*** Beith: Loan: August 2, 1899; until: September 28, 1899.
** Transferred to Heart of Midlothian together with Thomas Robertson for £300.
Heart of Midlothian: Signed: May 14, 1902.
** Transferred to Woolwich Arsenal for £165.
Woolwich Arsenal: Signed: May 4, 1904.
Portsmouth: Signed: May 6, 1905.
Dundee: Signed: May 24. 1907.
** Broke his collar-bone early in the 1909-10 season.
** Transferred to Clyde for £250.
Clyde: Signed: October 6, 1910.
* Retired February 1911 because of foot injury.
Manager for Motherwell: Appointed: April. 1911.
Secretary for Motherwell: Appointed: 1946.
* Retired 1959, aged 80.

Dundee Courier: May 10, 1907.
John Sailor Hunter
© copyright owner. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD

Scottish Referee: December 5, 1910.

Evening Telegraph: February 12, 1931.
John Sailor Hunter 1931
© copyright owner. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD

Dundee Courier: January 28, 1935.
John “Sailor” Hunter and ex-Bailie Robertson of Dundee, and a former chairman of Dundee FC.
John Sailor Hunter 1935
© copyright owner. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD

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