Geoff Strong stays home

May 30, 1966
Geoff Strong, more than a handyman forward to have in reserve at Anfield, was unable, like Peter Thompson, to join the Liverpool party in Majorca. He had to stay behind to have physio-therapeutic treatment of the injury which plagued him in the final weeks of the season.

It would seem that Liverpool F.C. are anxious to improve the strength of their reserve side so that whatever injuries befall first-teamers there is someone in the background ready to step in and take their places.

The true strength of a team is their ability to gain success, despite injuries. Liverpool having used only 13 players all through last season are obviously sensible of their good fortune in this respect. That is why, I submit, they have been interesting themselves in so many end-of-season games and seeing such players as Tony Hateley, of Aston Villa and Don Rogers of Swindon.

Keith Newton, the Blackburn Rovers full-back, is another player of whom they have had good report. But as a Liverpool director says: “All clubs, no matter in which League, are anxious to keep their good players. It will take sizeable sums of money to persuade them to allow such players to go.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 30, 1966)

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