Shankly raid Wrexham for duo

Thursday, October 6 – 1966
Liverpool manager Bill Shankly last night paid out £35,000 … for two “unknown” full backs from Wrexham.
Stuart Mason, 18, and Peter Wall, 22, are drafted straight into Liverpool reserves at Stoke tomorrow, and Wall has had only three League games for Wrexham this season.
Last weekend, Shankly was beaten by Arsenal in a bid for the £45,000 signature of Huddersfield’s Bob McNab. Yesterday, he presented Fourth Division Wrexham with a “take-it-or-leave-it” offer that chairman Bill Evans described as “one we couldn’t refuse.”
But manager Jack Rowley sighed: “It grieves me to lose these players. I might get back to Wales and find my windows have been smashed. But the fans must realise that this deal has been done to benefit the club and the players.
(Daily Express, 07-10-1966)

Peter Wall

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