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About Charles Hewitt:

Born: April 10, 1884: in Greatham, in England.
Passed away: December 31, 1966.

Position: Inside right or inside left.

Height: 168 cm. (5ft. 6in.);
Weight: 71 kilos (11st. 4lb.).

West Hartlepool.
Middlesbrough, 1904.
Tottenham Hotspur: Signed: 1906. (outside Football League).
** Transferred from Middlesbrough to Liverpool on a free transfer (Middlesbrough forgot to retain him).
Liverpool: Signed: June 5, 1907.
** Transferred to West Bromwich Albion.
West Bromwich Albion: Signed: April 24, 1908.
Spennymoor United: Signed: close season, 1910.
Crystal Palace: Signed: October 12, 1910.
* War time guest Huddersfield Town, 1916.
* War time guest, Hartlepools United, 1919.
** Transferred to Hartlepools United.
Hartlepools United: Signed: July, 1919.
Manager: Wrexham, 1924.
Manager: Chester City, 1930.
* Resigned his position: April 1, 1936.
Manager: Millwall: Appointed: April 1, 1936.
Manager: Leyton Orient, 1946.
Manager: Millwall, 1948.

Did you know that Charles Hewitt was the first managing director in English football, and towards the end of the 1930s he was responsible to get his thoughts on print in the home match programme for Millwall F.C.?

Athletic News: December 11, 1905.

Athletic News: November 12, 1910.

Athletic News: October 2, 1911.
1911 Charles Hewitt

Western Mail: May 10, 1937.


  1. Kjell

    I’ve just read this piece on Charlie Hewitt and just to inform you that there has been a cross in the career paths of two different gentleman The Millwall manager was William Charles Hewitt and was born in North Wales and passed away in the early 1970’s in Chester.

    I must congratulate you on a very interesting website, keep up the good work

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the kind words and I am happy you are finding articles for your taste. So far I am close to have added 13,000 historical articles and it feels like I have just started.


  2. Hi Kjell

    Huddersfield Town fan here. I have a 1916-17 season postcard of a Town line-up which was taken immediately before the game at home to Barnsley on 23rd September 1916 which, I believe, features Charles Hewitt. The problem is that his career biography here does not include Wartime guest appearances at Huddersfield. Hewitt played only three times for Huddersfield; 23rd & 30th September and 14th October and is recorded as a Wartime Guest.

    Could you please visit my website ->
    and confirm that it is indeed him sitting second from the right end on the front row?

    Rick McFarlane might also like to comment on/confirm this.

    Judging by the 1911 Athletic News photograph that you show here I’m 100% certain that it is indeed him.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for contacting me regarding C. Hewitt and Huddersfield / ex. C Palace. I believe you are correct and I did some searching on the British Newspaperarchives this evening that further support what you say.

      The Star Green ‘Un for September 23, 1916 clearly states “C. Hewitt, last season with Crystal Palace” in their report of the match vs. Barnsley.



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