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About Charles Hewitt:

Born: April 10, 1884: in Greatham, in England.
Passed away: December 31, 1966.

Position: Inside right or inside left.

Height: 168 cm. (5ft. 6in.);
Weight: 71 kilos (11st. 4lb.).

West Hartlepool.
Middlesbrough, 1904.
* Tottenham Hotspur (outside Football League).
** Transferred to Liverpool on a free transfer (Middlesbrough forgot to retain him).
Liverpool: eligible: June 5, 1907.
** Transferred to West Bromwich Albion.
West Bromwich Albion: Signed: April 24, 1908.
Spennymoor United: Signed: close season, 1910.
Crystal Palace: Signed: October 12, 1910.
* War time guest, Hartlepools United, 1919.
** Transferred to Hartlepools United.
Hartlepools United: Signed: July, 1919.
Manager: Wrexham, 1924.
Manager: Chester City, 1930.
* Resigned his position: April 1, 1936.
Manager: Millwall: Appointed: April 1, 1936.
Manager: Leyton Orient, 1946.
Manager: Millwall, 1948.

Athletic News: November 12, 1910.

Athletic News: October 2, 1911.
1911 Charles Hewitt

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