The death of Sam Chedgzoy

January 7, 1967
Ex-Everton winger Sam Chedgzoy dies in Canada
Sam Chedgzoy, one of the greatest outside rights of his day and certainly among the finest wingers Everton have ever fielded, died on Saturday in Montreal, aged 78.

Sam, who joined Everton from an Ellesmere Port ironworks team in 1910, was capped nine times by England against Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, with his ability to centre at speed being his great asset.

He was a one-club man, his entire Football League career of 16 years being spent at Goodison Park. The only break in his Everton service came as a result of Word War 1 when he signed up with the Scots Guards in 1915.

In the summer of 1924 Sam went to Montreal for a summer soccer coaching engagement. He liked it so much that when he parted company with Everton in 1926 he emigrated to Cananda where he got a job with an insurance company.

He continued to play soccer in Canada and when he must have been close to 50 he turned out for Montreal against a Scottish touring side.

He last came back to Britain on holiday some 18 months ago, his Merseyside connections still being strong for his son Sydney, lives at 30 Harewell Road, Liverpool 11.

Unlike his father Sydney moved around in his League career. Also a winger he was at one time on Everton’s books and other clubs he played for included Tranmere, New Brighton, Burnley, Millwall, Halifax, Runcorn, Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea Town.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: January 9, 1967)

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