Pop-singing goalkeeper shot to pieces at Anfield

Tuesday, November 7 – 1967
Match: European Cities Fairs Cup, 2nd Round, 1st lag, at Anfield, kick-off: 19:30.
Liverpool – T.S.V. Munich 8-0 (3-0).
Attendance: 44,812.
Referee: Mr. A. Sbardella (Italy).
Liverpool (2-3-5): Tommy Lawrence; Chris Lawler, Gerry Byrne; Tommy Smith, Ron Yeats, Emlyn Hughes; Ian Callaghan, Roger Hunt, Tony Hateley, Ian St. John, Peter Thompson.
T.S.V. Munich (2-3-5): Petar Radenkovic, Manfred Wagner, Bernd Patzke, Rudolf Steiner, Hans Reich, Željko Perušic, Alfred Heiß, Hans Küppers, Wilfried Kohlars, Rudolf Zeiser, Hans Rebele. (Subs. Gottfried Peter for Wagner (55 min.), and Ludwig Bründl for Heiß (70 min.).
The goals: 1-0 St. John (6 min.), 2-0 Hateley (10 min.), 3-0 Smith (43 min, pen), 4-0 Hunt (52 min), 5-0 Thompson (54 min.), 6-0 Hunt (54 min.), 7-0 Callaghan (59 min.), 8-0 Callaghan (69 min.).

Petar Radenkovic, the pop-singing Yugoslav international goalkeeper, made a record he will want to forget at Anfield last night. Radenkovic was on the wrong end of a memorable match that went Liverpool’s way from the start – and ended with Bill Shankly’s men comfortably  through to the third round of the Cities Fairs Cup.
It was Liverpool’s biggest ever win in Europe and their highest score since war-time football.
Three second-half goals in four minutes tore the last vestige of resistance from last season’s runners-up in the West German Super League.
Radenkovic was powerless to stop any of the eight glittering goals that lit up the foggy gloom of Anfield.
Two sedate goals after six and ten minutes – by Ian St. John from nearly 25 yards, and a power header by Tony Hateley – set the pattern.
But it was not until two minutes from the break, when Tommy Smith glided in a penalty, and in the second half that Munich reeled like punch drunk boxers.
Peter Thompson’s right-foot drive from 25 yards in the 54th minute was the peak of excitement.
For skill and subtle deception, Roger Hunt’s second goal a minute later was a connoisseurs’s effort. Three defenders were left on the ground as Hunt twister inside the six-yard box and, after deceiving Radenkovic, calmly aimed his left-foot shot into an unguarded net.
Many of his fans will push the claims of Ian Callaghan for his two superb goals in the 59th and 69th minutes. The first a fierce left-foot drive, the second a more contrived solo attack.
Hunt had started the second-half siege in the 52nd minute after linking with Hateley and Ian St. John.
Liverpool are now poised to outshine Leeds in their chase to the Cup-scoring record against Spora of Luxemburg last month.
Albert Wetzel, president of Munich, said: “I have never seen a team shoot with such power from any position.”
(Daily Express, 08-11-1967)

The pop-singing Yugoslav goalkeeper of T.S.V. Munich.

LFC TSV Munich 1967

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  1. Does anything age less gracefully than bad pop music? Let’s hope Radi will be remembered for more than shipping eight goals at Anfield and this song.

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