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About Ephraim Longworth:
“A Lancashire lad whose abilities were not recognised until he went south. Was born at Bolton, and Liverpool secured him from Leyton three seasons ago. A consistent and reliable back, who never plays a bad game, and takes his football very seriously. A fearless tackler and a sure kick, and rare judge of the correct time to rush in.”
(Source: Birmingham Daily Gazette: April 25, 1914)

Born: October 2, 1887: Halliwell (Lancashire), England.
* His school admission log states he was born October 3, 1888.
Passed away: January 7, 1968: Liverpool (Lancashire), England.

Position: Right back.

Height: 175 cm. (5ft. 8½in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 7lb.).

Hyde F.C.
Bolton Wanderers: 1907.
Leyton: 1908.
** Transferred to Liverpool (then record fee paid by Liverpool F.C.).
Liverpool: Signed: May 13, 1910.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: June 9, 1910.
** Retired: April 30, 1928.
Coach: Liverpool: Appointed: 1928.

Did you know that on January 18, 1908 Ephraim Longworth played full back for Bolton Wanderers Reserves vs. Liverpool Reserves?

England A 5-0: (v. Scotland: April 10, 1920; v. Belgium: May 21, 1921; v Wales: March 5, 1923; v. Belgium: March 19, 1923; v. Scotland: April 14, 1923).
Football League XI: 6-0.
Football League First Division Winner: 1921-22 (Liverpool), 1922-23 (Liverpool).

Evening Express: October 22, 1910.
Ephraim Longworth

Athletic News: January 9, 1911.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: March 15, 1915.
Ephraim Longworth 1915

Star Green ‘Un: February 1, 1919.

Athletic News: April 14, 1919.
Ephraim Longworth 1919

Signature and address from the 1911 Census:
Eph Longworth signature

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