Dirty Dick of Everton

Friday, May 24 – 1968
Seeking a lost photograph of his father, Alexander Dick, who played football for Everton in the season 1886-88, is Alex Dick, of 10 b Stone Close, Croxteth, Liverpool.

Said Alex: “Dad was right back for Everton and known by the nickname, “Dirty Dick.”

He played when the team changed at the Sandon Hotel in Oakfield Road and at the time when John Houlding, the Liverpool brewer had a quarrel with the Everton club and went across the park to start the Liverpool Football Club in opposition.

“After dad had finished with Everton, he helped train the Liverpool team for a few seasons when Tom Watson was the secretary. The photograph I had of him showed him in the old-style kit, with long trousers. He was wearing his international cap for Scotland and the Everton colours which were then blue and white halves.

“It was my only souvenir of his playing days, for his medals had been lost. The photograph is about 18 inches by 12 inches.

“About two years ago, I lent the picture to a friend, John Grey, who later loaned it to a man who lived in Kirby. John had since died and I have not been able to trace the man to whom he lent it.

“I would dearly love to have it returned.”
(Liverpool Echo, 24-05-1968)

Alex Dick

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