The reasons for the Reds failure.

Tuesday, July 16 – 1968
Why didn’t Liverpool win any honours last season? I wouldn’t know, but at least one of the club’s loyalists thinks he does. He wonders why I haven’t dealt with the subject dearest to his heart, and presumes it is because “as you don’t pay to go into the ground possibly you see the game in a different light.”

Well, that is true. The right to criticise obviously comes more validly from those who pay the piper.

Bob Kelsey, of Poulton Road, Wallasey, does not think the team as such, could have done more. He says:
“Roger Hunt, bless him, played eleven games without scoring and was not rested while Bobby Graham, I feel sure, was itching to get out and show that he could do better.

Roger Hunt.
1968 fan Roger Hunt

“Tony Hateley played badly in a few games, and was immediately dropped. And this was at a time when he had not blended perfectly with his team-mates.

Tony Hateley.
1968 fan Tony Hateley

“Peter Thompson is great as an individualist, but many times when a pass to the middle would have brought half a chance he persisted in trying to beat the same man two or three times. Surely this is obvious to those in control?

Peter Thompson.
1968 fan Peter Thompson

“After winning 2-1 at Manchester against United on a hard ground with a lively ball the pitch at Anfield was soaked for the replay against W.B.A. on the Monday night. This, I think, played into the hands of West Bromwich Albion.

“And now the final straw. Holding a Kemlyn Road season ticket which is for the second row I get drenched whenever it rains – and it now costs med £12. The boys can pay 5s and be under cover in the Kop or Anfield Road and keep perfectly dry. They can move back when it rains.

“Now they are getting a new roof over them while we have to put up with our lot and if we write and ask for an exchange after four years we are told to give up our seats if we don’t like them. But they can spend £50,000 on a training ground.

“These are my main complaints. I have yet to see anything relating to them in your paper.”
(Liverpool Echo, 16-07-1968)

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