Sell-out at Anfield

Monday, July 22 – 1968
It’s another Anfield sell-out. Secretary Peter Robinson reported from his office this morning, the opening day for applications, that all stand tickets for every Liverpool League match for this season had been sold.

“We have been inundated with applications,” said Mr. Robinson, “and we shall have to return hundreds of them.”

Although most stand seats are taken by season ticket holders, the club always keep a few for each match for people who want to see a particular game.

“We announced some time ago that to-day was the opening day for applications,” said Mr. Robinson, “and we are going through them in strict rotation. Those that are opened first will get tickets. Unfortunately when we run out we will have to return the remaining applications.”

But the mountain of mail is so high it will take several days before each fan knows whether or not he has got a ticket.

It is the same story as last year when the season was a complete sell-out three weeks before the first ball was kicked.

Last season was a new record for aggregate League attendances at Anfield, the total finishing just short of the coveted million mark. This seems to be an early sign that it could be another record year.
(Liverpool Echo, 22-07-1968)

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