What the manager say – Bill Shankly, Liverpool

Friday, August 9 – 1968
“We have an experienced side here at Anfield, full of sell confidence that we can trouble anybody.

“Last season, you have to remember that we just lost the chance of League and Cup and we were, in effect, without Tommy Smith when that happened. Now he is fully fit again and that will make a difference to us.

Bill Shankly
“Don’t forget that we have Geoff Strong there as well. He has not played in pre-season games because his training has been handicapped by a sore shin. But he’s alright now and we have this experienced squad to call on.

“I think the First Division Championship is going to be harder than ever to win. Any team will have to go some to win the title.

“I also believe that challenge for the championship will come from the same group of clubs as last season – that same select group.

“The margin between them is very slight, and I think it will be the team with the best individual players which will triumph in the end. It should prove a tremendous battle and a tremendous season, and just a little bit of luck could swing it one way or the other.”
(Liverpool Echo, 09-08-1968)

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