Beatle seeks divorce

Friday, August 23 – 1968
Beatle John Lennon is being sued for divorce by his wife Cynthia. She names Japanese actress Yoko Ono. Solicitors acting for both John, 27, and Yoko, 34, have entered an appearance denying Mrs. Lennon’s allegation of adultery.

The couple separated three months ago and their £40,000 home on the St. George’s Hill estate, Weybridge, Surrey, is for sale. Their solicitors are trying to negotiate financial arrangements before the case is heard in the London Divorce Court, probably before the end of the year.

John and Cynthia, also 27, married in 1962 – before the Beatles were famous. They have a five-ear old son, who now spends most of his time with his mother and grandmother. Yoko, who made the controversial film about nude bottoms, has been John’s constant companion recently. She is the wife of American film producer Anthony Cox.

Cynthia, whose maiden name was Powell, went on holiday to Italy this summer with her mother and son. This week the Beatles are spending most of the day sleeping because they are working at night in studios at St. John’s Wood, London, N.W., recording an new album.

Two other Beatles are married – George Harrison to model Patti Boyd and drummer Ringo Starr to former Liverpool hairdresser Maureen Cox. Paul McCartney, 26, was expected to marry actress Jane Asher this year, but their engagement was broken off recently.
(Daily Mail, 23-08-1968)

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