The day Shankly growled at Bobby Robson

March 7, 1969
Bill Shankly, Liverpool manager, growled half the length of England last night at Ipswich boss Bobby Robson.

“Maybe Ipswich will want someone to do them a favour sometime,” he fumed.
Shankly had tried to rearrange Liverpool’s April home game against Ipswich for tomorrow after Arsenal dropped out with eight players ill.

But Robson refused. He said: “I can be as crafty as Liverpool.
“They want to get back on song after losing to Leicester and Nottingham Forest at home. But we are not going to be used for that purpose.”

Instead, Robson puts half of his first team in a Suffolk Cup-tie at Bury Town, and the others in the reserves at Leicester.
(Source: Daily Mirror: March 7, 1969)

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