Alun Evans hurt in night club

Sunday, December 7 – 1969
Soccer’s first £100,000 teenager, Alun Evans, of Liverpool, had 60 stitches in his face yesterday after an incident at a night club. Evans, who is now 20, was hit in the face by a glass at the Oasis Club, Wolverhampton. He had gone there with his fiancée, 18-year-old Lesley Wernick, whose father, Mr. Solly Wernick, owns the club.

Last night, after having hospital treatment, he was recovering at his father’s home in Nursery Close, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. He has deep cuts round his right eye and his left eye is badly bruised.

Police went to interview two men who are in hospital. Evans was transferred from Wolves to Liverpool in September 1968. The £100,000 fee was a record at the time.
(Daily Mail, 08-12-1969)

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