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About Tom Bush:
“Tom is rather leggy and does not appear to move quickly, but those long strides of his give one an erroneous impression. He may not be as effective as one would like with the ball on the ground, but taking his assets as a whole they represent a formidable list for an opposing centre forward. A tennis enthusiast and swimmer of great enthusiasm and was always willing to help a good cause. He was one of the game’s good sorts.” (Liverpool Echo: February 18, 1939)

Born: February 22, 1914: Hodnet, in England.
Passed away: December 20, 1969: Liverpool, in England..

Position: Half-back.

Height: .
Weight: .

Did you know?
“Tom Bush, famous son of a famous father and grandfather. Grandfather used to be the proprietor of the now defunct Bee Hotel, in Queen’s Square, and was well known to all the old-timers in the theatrical profession, and Tom’s father was almost equally known.” (Liverpool Echo: February 18, 1939)

Liverpool: Signed: March 23, 1933.

Liverpool Echo: February 18, 1939.

Liverpool Echo: December 22, 1969.


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