Big Jim Hesketh’s honour

January 3, 1970
Big Jim Hesketh, the best known policeman in Liverpool because of his work at Anfield and Goodison Park, was awarded the B.E.M. (Civil Division) in the New Year’s Honours list. And every football fan on the terraces of our senior grounds will say he has earned it!

Sergeant Hesketh’s the 6ft. 7ins. Giant who had made a specialty of crowd control at Anfield and Goodison Park in the past 20 years. Every football supporter in this city knows him as he strides around the pitch, in calm control of every situation.

His approach to the job has had much to do with Everton and Liverpool supporters earning the title of the best behaved supporters in the country. There is mutual respect between Liverpool police and local fans which sets a model for other major soccer centres.

Sergeant Hesketh received his award for his general work in the force, plus his specialised efforts in crowd control. He served in the Grenadier Guards in the last war, receiving several decorations. He joined the Liverpool Police in 1946, and is now with the Docks Division.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: January 3, 1970; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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