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“Rainey by pure merit has earned for himself the right to be included in the list of our best. He does not employ the gallery method of dealing with opposition efforts to penetrate his defence, but sound judgment and safe hands are better characteristics, and in these Rainey appears to be a firm believer. At the same time the Barn man has made some thrilling saves since the entry of his team into senior football. He is quick on his feet, quick in detecting danger, and, perhaps best of all, has the good sense to anticipate an opponent’s intentions, and this position himself for what may appear to the spectators to be a direct shot, but what is, after all, a most dangerous and deceptive effort.” (Ballymena Weekly Telegraph: December 15, 1923)

Born: 1901: Ballymena, Ireland.
Passed away:

Position: Goalkeeper.

Height: 180 cm. (5ft. 11 in.);
Weight: 73 kilos (11st. 7lb.).
* Source: Lancashire Evening Post: January 6, 1925.

Springfield: Signed: 1919.
Cliftonville: Signed: 1920.
Barn: Signed: 1921.
Liverpool: Signed: January 3, 1925.
Newry Town: Signed: September, 1925.
Barn: Signed: June, 1927.
Linfield: 1928.
Garrick: September, 1932.

Sammy Rainey (Ballymena Weekly Telegraph: December 15, 1923).


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