Men for whom results are not all-important

Monday, February 16 – 1970
To most people in football, results are all that matter. To other they are only secondary. There are three at Anfield – Joe Fagan, Tony Waiters and Ronnie Moran, the men whose job is to try to produce players for the first team.

Players are more important than points to the men in charge of a club’s reserve and junior sides. At the start of a season a first team manager is looking for championships and cups. The coaches and trainers of the second, third and fourth teams are looking for improvements in their players.

Reserve team trainer Joe Fagan says, “I don’t feel I’m helping the club by just looking for results, although they are nice to get.”

Of course, improvements will produce better results, as the reserve side has shown. Although they won the Central League last season their record this season is even better.

One of the players who has shown this improvement is centre-half Larry Lloyd. Although he has not completed a full season with us his play has come on tremendously.

This illustrates the point that the junior team coaches are not necessarily looking for a good team. They are after a nucleus of good players for the first team.

And there was a good example recently of how injuries to the first team can affect them. For our recent match at Nottingham Forest the first team included Ray Clemence, Peter Wall and Ian Ross, all regular reserve players a few weeks ago.

1970 Ray Clemence

It’s in promotions like this that men like Joe Fagan, Tony Waiters and Ronnie Moran get their satisfaction. Not from league tables.
(Liverpool F.C. Match Programme, 16-02-1970)

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