Liverpool’s youth squad fly out

May 1, 1970
A 16 strong party of young Liverpool players flew out of Speke today for a two-day international youth tournament in Amsterdam.

But because of last minute rule changes by the organisers, the Liverpool youngsters will start at a disadvantage against clubs like Glasgow Rangers, Ajax and Anderlect.

Originally it was agreed that players under 20 would be eligible and Liverpool planned to take players with League experience such as Alun Evans and Phil Boersma. But then they were notified that only players under 19 could play, so Evans and Boersma were omitted, and 16 youngsters told they were going.

Then, late this week, after the Liverpool squad had already been selected, the organisers reconsidered the position and said each squad could include two players in the under-20 group.

Liverpool decided, however, not to change their named squad, explained Secretary Peter Robinson: “We had already told the 16 boys they were going, and we decided we would not go back on that. It would have been a bit unfair to a couple of them.”

The Liverpool party is:
Armstrong, Carroll, Phil Dando, Eddie Flood, Bob Johnstone, Grahame Lloyd, Steve Marshall, Hugh McAuley, John McKenna, John McLaughlin, Porter, Dave Rylands, Thompson, Waddington, Dennis Walsh, Webb.
(Liverpool Echo: May 1, 1970)



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