Kick-off is deadline for offer

August 12, 1970
Liverpool players have until Saturday to accept the new contracts offered them by the club. If they have not accepted by then the old contracts will remain in force because contracts can’t be altered during the playing season.

Last night the Liverpool board improved their offer by agreeing to the players’ request to retain appearance money payments, which the board had dropped in the original offer. Manager Bill Shankly to-day took the improved offer to the players after the boards original offer, had been turned down.

Because they feel their old system of equal pay for all, is out of date, Liverpool are trying to fall in line with most other clubs and offer individual contracts based on ability. Under the old system they couldn’t offer any potential new signing any more than te other Anfield first-teamers, and they felt this hindered them in the transfer market and sometimes prevented them signing star men.

Final offer.
The club also wants to do away with the crowd bonuses the players were on before, while introducing an increased basic wage and a £20-a-point incentive.

The players’ objection was the dropping of the appearance money. They also wanted the bonuses paid to a pool of players to guarantee first-teamers against loss of pay should they be injured or suffer temporary loss of form.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 12, 1970; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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