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“He is all for dribbling and holding the ball and making canny little passes.
Clark is a really skillful player of whom the best had not been seen at Liverpool, where the forward play had been all too go-ahead.” (Nottingham Evening Post: July 17, 1931)

Born: February 6, 1903: Newburn (Northumberland), United Kingdom.
Passed away: 1970: Newburn (Northumberland), United Kingdom.

Position(s): Inside right, centre forward or outside left.

Height: (5ft. 10½in.);
Weight: (13st. 1lb.).

Spencer’s Welfare.
Hawthorn Leslie.
Newburn Grange.
Prudhoe Castle: August, 1922.
** Transferred to Newcastle United.
Newcastle United: Signed: February 26, 1923.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £3,000.
Liverpool: Signed: January 26, 1928.
Nottingham Forest: Signed: July 3, 1931.
North Shields: Signed: 1932.
Newburn, 1939.

Liverpool Echo: March 24, 1928.

Liverpool Echo: January 5, 1929.


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