Liverpool put Worthington transfer on hold

Friday, June 9 – 1972
After five hours of transfer negotiations and medical checks at Liverpool yesterday, £150,000 centre forward Frank Worthington left for a Mallorca holiday … still a Huddersfield player.
Liverpool want him to have another examination when he returns in a fortnight before completing a record deal for both clubs. Manager Bill Shankly told me: “Frank is physically fit but the medical tests show he could be suffering from tension, excitement, and exhaustion after a strenuous week.
“The specialist thinks he’ll be all right after a holiday. He’ll come straight back to Liverpool from Mallorca, and if he passes the medical, then he’ll become our player.”
Worthington, 23, arrived at Anfield yesterday from London with Shankly and chairman Eric Roberts. They met him on Thursday when the England Under-23 party came home from Russia.
The clubs had agreed terms early in the week, and within minutes of arriving, Worthington signed the transfer form. But Liverpool withheld their signature after two doctors examined him.
Worthington later began the holiday he postponed a week ago, when called up for the tour.
Last Friday he flew to Warsaw. On Sunday he played against Poland. On Tuesday he was involved in the chaotic hotel arrangements in Kiev. On Wednesday he played against Russia.
Before the examinations, Worthington said: “I’m delighted to be joining Liverpool, to play in front of the best supporters in the country.”
But Leicester manager Jimmy Bloomfield was disappointed. He said he was 90 per cent. sure of signing Worthington before the player was called away to tour.
(Daily Mirror, 10-06-1972)

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