Worthington’s dream move to Liverpool collapses

Wednesday, June 28 – 1972
A medical report cost Frank Worthington his £7,500 five per cent. cut of a £150,000 transfer yesterday when Liverpool called off a projected deal with Huddersfield for the England Under-23 striker.
Liverpool, Huddersfield and Worthington declined to comment on the collapse of the transfer which followed a lunch-time medical test in Liverpool.
Later, Worthington returned to Huddersfield where he had a three hour meeting with chairman Frank Drabble, who said: “There is no comment to make at this stage.”
I understand the reason is high blood pressure and the Huddersfield club doctor was at the ground for ninety minutes during the talks.
Worthington had signed the transfer forms previously, but Liverpool delayed sending them to the Football League because they were not satisfied with the medical report at the time.
He went to Mallorca for a fourteen-day holiday and was seen again yesterday by Liverpool’s club specialist. It was after that the transfer was called off. (Daily Mirror, 29-06-1972)

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