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About Jack Sambrook:

Born: March 10, 1899: Wednesfield (Staffordshire), in England.
Passed away: 1973.

Position: Centre forward.

Height: 178 cm. (5ft. 10in.);
Weight: 68 kilos (10st. 10lb.).

Coventry City. 1915.
Willenhall. 1918.
Wolverhampton Wanderers, 1919.
* 1919-20: 15-5 (Football League 2); 0-0 (FA Cup);
* 1920-21: 6-2 (Football League 2); 0-0 (FA Cup).
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool. Signed: December, 1922.
* 1922-23: 2-0 (Football League 1); 0-0 (FA Cup).
Stockport County. Signed: May 15, 1923.
* 1923-24: 17-4 (Football League 2); 2-1 (FA Cup)..
Southport, 1924.
* 1924-25: 36-17 (Football League 3N); 3-2 (FA Cup);
* 1925-26: 29-14 (Football League 3N); 3-1 (FA Cup).
Willenhall. 1926.
Queens Park Rangers.



    1. Hi Martin,

      I have tried to get a better picture of the career of JH Sambrook this evening, but without any luck. I have searched newspapers of the area and it seems to be three different people connected with football that is named Sambrook. One I know for sure it is not JH is the referee some newspapers refers to. Then you have Sambrook at Coventry, at West Bromwich at Wolves, at Liverpool and Southport. The strange thing is that the Wolves Sambrook, which went to Liverpool is in one newspaper named as “James Sambrook”.

      What do you know about your grand fahter`s career?



      1. hi thanx for replying.i knew him as jack sambrook.he played for willenhall,wolves, liverpool and stockport.i have pictures of these except for when he played for willenhall.the sambrook at coventry is called ray sambrook.he played for coventry and manchester city in the 50s and 60s.ray sambrook is my grandads son.he finished his football career early maybe because of missing home or illness im not sure which.i was seven when he died and wife and son followed pretty shortly afterwards.he is in an unmarked grave at memory lane wednesfield.this has always bothered me i am trying to locate grave but am having no luck at the moment.thank you for your efforts, appreciated .

  1. Jack Sambrook
    Wolves- 1919/20- 15 games/5 goals, 1920/21 6/2, total 21/7 in Division Two.
    Liverpool- 1922/23 2 League games. 1 Liverpool Senior Cup game.
    Reserves: 21/10 in Central League.
    “A” team- 2 games/3 goals. Hatrick against Kirkdale, 18th November 1922.
    Stockport- 1923/24- 17/4 in Division Two, FA cup 2/1.
    Southport- 1924/25 36/17 in Division Three North, FA Cup 3/2.
    1925/26- 29/14 in Divison Three North, FA Cup 3/1
    total 65/31 and 6/3.
    Jonny Stokkeland
    LFC Official Archives

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