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About Tommy Johnson.
“A fine positional player, he has a good shot, and his shrewd judgement and placing are excellent.”
(Liverpool Post and Mercury, March 6 – 1930).

Born: August 19, 1901: Dalton-in-Furness (Lancashire), in England.
Passed away: January 29, 1973: Manchester (Lancashire), in England.

Position: Inside left.

Height: 5 ‘ 9.
Weight: 11 ‘ 10.

Dalton Athletic.
Dalton Casuals.
Manchester City: Signed: February, 1919.
** Transferred to Everton for £6,000.
Everton: Signed: March 5, 1930.
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: March 2, 1934.
* Transfer listed: April, 1935.
Player-Manager: Darwen: Appointed: August 18, 1936.

Football League, 1st Division Champions: 1931/32 (Everton).
Football League, 2nd Division Champions: 1927/28 (Manchester City). 1930/31 (Everton).
FA Cup Winner: 1932/33 (Everton).
Manchester Senior Cup Winner: 1928 (Manchester City), 1929 (Manchester City).

Derby Daily Telegraph: September 27, 1929.
Tommy Johnson 1929

Tosh Johnson, 1922 from the collection of James Cotton.
Tommy Johnson 1922

Tosh Johnson, 1928, from the collection of James Cotton.
Tommy Johnson 1928

Liverpool Echo: March 22, 1930.


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