Phil Boersma wants a move to south

May 6, 1974
Liverpool star Phil Boersma celebrated his team’s FA Cup final win yesterday with the hope that it could mean his transfer south – to a club nearer his childhood sweetheart. As his team-mates triumphantly returned to Liverpool, the 24-year-old forward took a quiet drive into Surrey.

With him was his girlfriend of eight years, actress Sharon Mughan, who consoled him when he was surprisingly dropped at Wembley on Saturday. Boersma walked out of the final and caught a taxi back to the team’s hotel. He boycotted the Liverpool celebration banquet and watched Sharon in a West End play. He did not turn up at Euston for the team’s “champagne special” train home yesterday.

“I know I have played my last game for Liverpool,” he said. “I will return to Liverpool on Tuesday morning where I will have a big showdown with manager Bill Shankly.
“I just want to be put on the transfer list with the hope that a London club will bid for me.
“This will mean that I can be nearer Sharon and see her more often. We met when we were a school in Liverpool, and she has been my only regular girl-friend.”
(Source: Daily Mirror: May 6, 1974)


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