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About Jimmy Smith:
“His transfer from Ayr United in September, 1929 created a big sensation, for he is known as a play who holds the record as an individual marksman in the Scottish League (Division 2). Was previously with Clydebank and Glasgow Rangers, and isn’t exactly a youngster. He’s a real live wire near goal, and is rather unorthodox in many of his moves, not being always content to hang about waiting for something to turn up.”
(Source: Derby Daily Telegraph: October 18, 1929)

Born: March 12, 1902: Old Kilpatrick, Scotland.
Passed away: 1975: Bridgeport, USA.

Position: Centre forward.


Dumbarton Harp Juniors;
Clydebank: Signed: April 30, 1925,
Glasgow Rangers: Signed: April 23, 1926;
Ayr United: Signed: May 9, 1927;
** Transferred to Liverpool for £6,000.
Liverpool: Signed: September 19, 1929.
** Transfer listed, for £1,000.
Tunbridge Well: Signed: June 18, 1932.
Bristol Rovers: 1933;
Newport County: 1935;
Notts County: 1936;
Dumbarton: Signed: August 10, 1938;
Manager: Dumbarton: Appointed: January 26, 1939.
** Left: June, 1940.

Dundee Courier: September 19, 1929.
James Smith 1929 II

Evening Telegraph: September 19, 1929.


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