Blackpool Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 3-3 (League match: February 8, 1975)

February 8, 1975
Match: Central League, at Bloomfield Road.
Blackpool Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 3-3 (2-1).
Referee: Mr. A. Robinson.
Blackpool: George Wood, Stuart Betts, Johnson, Jimmy Weston, Stan McEwan, Laurie Milligan, Mike Betts, Tony Evans, Stuart Parker, Brian Wilson, Kevin Moore.
Substitute: Paul Gardner.
Liverpool: Frank Lane, Tommy Smith, Brian Kettle, Chris Lawler, Alan Waddle, John McLoughlin, Kevin Kewley, Phil Boersma, Derek Bronwbill, Ray Kennedy, Jimmy Case.
Substitute: Derek McClatchey.
Booking: Waddle (43 min.).
The goals: 1-0 Evans (6 min.), 2-0 Wilson (26 min.), 2-1 Brownbill (31 min.), 2-2 Case (46 min.), 3-2 Evans (66 min.), 3-3 Boersma (72 min.).


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