Bad boy Kevin comes back

Thursday, May 22 – 1975
Runaway Soccer star Kevin Keegan was back with the England quad in North London last night. And he could even play against Scotland at Wembley tomorrow.

Liverpool’s 24-year-old- striker, who walked out on Tuesday because he was dropped for Wednesday’s match with Wales, returned to England’s hotel and later had a meeting with manager Don Revie.
“We had a thirty-minute heart-to-heart talk,” said Revie.

“He is pleased to be back with the squad and I am glad to see him.

“He wants to play for England and is in the running for a place against Scotland. There is no question of any punishment or action being taken against Keegan.”

Earlier in the day Keegan had met his Liverpool boss Bob Paisley at Anfield.

Paisley, astonishingly, criticised Revie for his handling of the situation and defended Keegan.
“Kevin is so temperamental that if I was going to leave him out of my side I would have to get him on his own and explain the reason to him,” said Paisley.

“I think Revie should have done so in this instance. I know he is experimenting to get his best side but you don’t rest your best players.

“It is similar to the case when Emlyn Hughes lost his captaincy. That could have been handled better. It was in the papers a week before there was any official announcement.”

While Keegan was at Anfield, Revie spoke twice to Paisley on the telephone and also had a word with the player. Paisley added:
“Kevin felt that Revie was unfair in dropping him because he was one of the best players against Northern Ireland last Saturday. He is terribly mixed up and upset.

“He still stands by his actions and doesn’t feel he has done something wrong.

“Revie wanted him to rejoin the squad. Kevin changed his mind twice while he was with me but I managed to persuade him to go back and sort things out.

“He is in such a mental condition that I don’t think he is fit enough to play against Scotland.

“Kevin is a lonely boy at the moment. His wife is on holiday in Cornwall and his father is very ill.

“And players like Kevin can easily be upset at international get-togethers by other players who go on about their condition and their wages.”

Paisley still expects Keegan to join his club mates on Monday for Liverpool’s tour of Spain.

The day’s events started when Revie rang Keegan at his luxury cottage near Mold in North Wales. At that time Keegan was still claiming he had no intention of returning south.

But after meeting Paisley he was driven back by his friend Glyn Roberts for his confrontation with Revie.
(Daily Mirror, 23-05-1975)

Kevin Keegan

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