Jimmy Case: The goal poacher from South Liverpool

December 31, 1975
Liverpool have sent a splendid New Year gift to struggling South Liverpool as a “thanks, very much” gesture for 21-years-old Jimmy Case, the lad who has made such a scoring impact on the First Division scene.

Liverpool took Case from the Premier League club as an amateur four years ago and gave South a donation of £500 at the time. Now, in appreciation of Case’s rapid advance to the first team, a cheque for £1,500 was posted off last night to Holly Park as a goodwill present.

Case has scored eight goals in 14 senior games since he made his First Division debut in the last match of last season … a remarkable ratio for a youngster still finding his feet.

Case developed so well when he joined Anfield staff as a promising 17-year-old that he was offered professional terms very quickly. He wanted to complete his time as an apprentice electrician, however, and the club appreciated his feelings.

So he signed part-time terms – one of the very few part-timers on the books since the war. Subsequently, he turned full time pro and his progress has alerted the football world that Liverpool have another star in the making.

Liverpool had no need to give South Liverpool any additional payment for Case. Chairman John Smith said: “We decided to send South Liverpool the money on the instigation of our president, Mr. Thomas Valentine Williams (T.V. Williams), and manager Bob Paisley, who put it to the Board.

“We have had a fine relationship with South for many years and we hope we can develop that even further to the benefit of both clubs.

“We believe that boys coming through from junior and non-League clubs like South Liverpool form the basis for First Division clubs’ recruitment of players. Local boys like to play for their local teams and it is with clubs like South that they get the right start.”

Manager Paisley also paid his tribute to non-League clubs with this comment … “They make a very valuable contribution to the game. Without their work, professional football could not exist.”

Talking about Case, he said: “Jimmy is coming along very well in the first team. He has improved a ton this season with regular senior play.

“He came to us as a midfield player and still likes to play there. I see him developing with us as a man who can strike from a midfield position, giving us the best of both worlds. He has a great shot in both feet and has already shown what he can do in front of goal.”

South Liverpool officials will have a pleasant surprise when they open the mail this evening. Chairman Jack Leigh is away at present, but director John Hesketh said: “Liverpool’s gesture will be very much appreciated by us. They were under no obligation to send us anything so this makes their gift even more welcome.”

So on New Year’s Eve it is particularly pleasant to round off 1975 with this football story of the big club doing the right thing to help a little neighbour.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: December 31, 1975; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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